Brightness, Contrast, Color balance

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Brightness, Contrast, Color balance

Postby Creator » Mon Dec 29, 2008, 00:28

This tutorial is about using Brightness/Contrast and Color Balance adjustments.
Particulary, this example is not only good for small color range images but also is the base for photo adjusments.
As a original photo, I chose an snow-white landscape.
1. As we shell adjust contrast, its better to have a noise-free image. So in menu go to Filer -> Diffusion -> Balanced Forward-Bachward. In the dialog window chose 10 iterations and apply the filter.
2. Let's make the photo a little bit sharper. Go in the menu Filter -> Sharpen -> Sharpen, or use the corresponding button at the toolbar. Now we have almost noisless image with an artistic watercolor style. We are redy to proceed with the main idea of this tutorial.
3. In the menu go to Adjustments -> Brightness/Contrast. We would like to make snow shining and to be bright white color. So we increase the contrast to "+30". The second goal is to create appearance of fog and blur the most distant trees. So we decrease the Brighntss to "-10". This will even add perspective to a photo.
4. Now in menu go to Adjustments -> Color Balance. Since we have a winter lanscape, we shell add some blue color. And due to firs a little bit green. So pose the sliders from top to bottom to the next values: "-20", "10", "30".
That's it!
Please, feel free to experiment on your own!
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